About the Host

Tara Hedman is the owner and founder of Hedman Wellness Services and Hedman Counseling Center in beautiful Colorado. She is a level 3 trained Certified IFS Practitioner, is Certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, as well as a Certified Trauma-Informed Trainer.

Tara specializes in spiritual trauma, high-control groups, relational and family of origin concerns. She is a coach, writer, speaker, and podcaster who loves to knit, garden, and walk with others on their healing journeys.


A Message from Tara

I know what it means to be lost, torn, and empty.

Two decades ago, as memories of abuse and pain began to surface, my life and all I knew fell out from beneath me. After years of suffering alone and several suicide attempts, I new I couldn’t keep going alone. I needed help. Real help. There were two counselors who believed in me before I believed in myself. These helpers and healers saved my life. They provided what I didn’t know I needed.

After several years in my own counseling, coaching, and healing, I knew I wanted to give to others what I’d been given. Hope. I went back to school, opened a counseling practice, and continued on my healing journey.

Nothing brings me more joy today than working with folks who want to believe there is more to life, but aren’t sure how to find it. Folks that feel lost in how to find the “more.” Being able to walk beside individuals with support and purpose as they find their way to a life of fulfillment is a tremdous gift.

We are built to heal, and real healing is possible. I am proof people change and life can be different.

Listen with us to stories of others as they walk out of their histories and into their healing stories.